When Should I Use

When Should I Use?

TelaHR™ is simply a more convenient, more affordable way to access the Human Resources advise you need, when and where you need it.  The TelaHR™ service gives you access to Human Resources on your terms.

When should I use TelaHR™?

  • Anytime you have a Human Resources issue
  • If you think that you are going to lose your job because of a layoff or downsizing
  • If you’d like guidance on how to retain you job
  • If you are a manager and need assistance in managing people
  • If you have a problem with your manager
  • If you can’t reach your Human Resources organization
  • If you don’t have a Human Resources organization to support you
  • If it’s after normal hours of business operation
  • If you need assistance on building the career you want
  • If you have a Human Resource question you’d like answered
  • If you’d like a Human Resources issue explained to you in plain language or you need a second opinion
  • If you’re trying to negotiate a raise or promotion increase
  • If you need assistance in negotiating a job offer
  • If you want to know your employment rights under the law
  • If you need an employment law explained to you
  • If you want unbiased advise from an Human Resource Professional to solve your problem with a guarantee

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